What's in a Name?

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.46.04 PM.png

Right now if you search the web, you will see that WEWS in Cleveland has a number of names. 

NewsNet5, News Channel 5 and News 5 Cleveland. 

While the station is News Channel 5 on Twitter, they are News 5 Cleveland on Facebook and NewsNet5 on their website. 

Talking about confusing. 

It seems that the station suits has decided to change their name to News 5 Cleveland, but hasn't told many people in the newsroom. One staffer, tells FTVLive that she found out about the change on Facebook. 

It's obvious that the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing and many are confused. 

Maybe the best solution is stop worrying about the name and just put on a better newscast than the rest of the stations in the market. 

It you have the best product, you can call it "Hambuger 5" and viewers will still watch. 

Here's a hint, just because the consultants tell you that a name change is needed, you really don't have to do it. 

And, if you are going to do it. Make sure people know about it and it is changed across all platforms. 

See, that's solid advice and you didn't have to pay me a dime for it.