Station Produces Transgender Hate Video

KXLH in Helena, MT is getting some attention they most likely do not want. 

The station producers videos for car dealership owner Robert Allen, but these aren't your run of the mill car commercials. 

Allen is doing video inspired by a video blog featuring Tim Allen's character on the TV show "Last Man Standing," the videos show the car dealer talking about a variety of hot-button issues from behind his desk and include a link to his Nissan dealership. 

In one of his latest rants, he went off on the transgender bathroom policy.

Allen said, "You want to talk about transgender bathroom policy? We got one. It's called a men's room and a ladies’ room. Period," Allen says in the video.

"You know what? If a transgender guy comes in my store, he's sure welcome to spend his money and buy a car, but he probably ought to go in the men's bathroom, not the ladies’, because if he's in the ladies' we'll throw him out of the store. I know that's not politically correct, and I might make a few enemies, but I'm sorry, that's not American.

“Men and women were created differently for a reason. So keep the men in the men's bathroom and the women in the women's bathroom. And if I see a little boy walking in the girls' bathroom, I'm going to drag him out of there. I don't care if he's your kid -- he's not going in my ladies' bathroom, that's for sure."

Allen got a lot of backlash for the video and it appears that he has pulled it down. 

Allen told the Independent Record he should have worded the video differently, and he believes some people misunderstood his views.

As for KXLH, they produce the videos for Allen. 

The views expressed in the videos are Allen's alone and are not endorsed by the TV station, Marketing Consultant Lynn LaValley said.

Allen said some people who saw his videos and agree with his views have purchased cars from him. 

And in the end, isn't that what it's really about? Selling cars?

H/T  Independent Record