Taking The Shine off Fox News

When Roger Ailes was ousted as CEO of Fox News over numerous sexual harassment allegations, many thought that Bill Shine would be promoted to Ailes job. 

But, as more and more details come out in the Ailes investigation, they appear to be sinking Shine's chance to shine at FNC. 

A number of the women that are accusing Ailes are claiming that Shine either knew about, or helped Ailes keep the women quiet. 

Now Fox News host Andrea Tantaros has stepped forward and says that she was also harassed by Ailes and she claims that she made her complaint directly to Bill Shine.

Not long after when Tantaros said she made her complaint, she was pulled from the air at FNC (although is still being paid). 

Fox claims that the reason Tantaros was benched was because she did not let FNC "properly vet" her book before it was published. 

As for Shine, he claims that Tantaros never talked to him. "Andrea never made any complaints to me about Roger Ailes sexually harassing her," Shine is quoted as saying. 

The bottom line is that Shine is being viewed by many as a guy that tried to protect Ailes and help cover up the claims against him. 

True or not, there is no way Murdoch's can bump Shine up to Ailes's old job. 

Sources tell FTVLive that it is, "all but guaranteed" that they will go outside Fox News for their next CEO. 

Stay tuned....