Shit Flows at Tampa Station

It seems that things at WTSP got a bit crappy yesterday. 

Station insiders tell FTVLive that the toilets at the Tegna station started backing up and the shit started hitting the fan and the floor and the chairs, ect.

The toilets began to overflow across the station and plumbers were called in. 

So, if you were at work yesterday and had to go, you were out of luck.

Engineer Jose Marmol was tasked with the job of mopping up the poop water (pic above).

When the problem was finally fixed, a memo went out, telling staffers to quit flushing stuff down the toilet. It seems that the staff at WTSP is flushing things down the toilet, besides just toilet paper. 

Some might point out, that at least a few careers have flushed down the toilet at WTSP and that might have been what caused the back up. 

Yes, I could have added a Elliot Wiser joke in here a few times, but I'm trying to act more mature.

Look for WTSP's new promo coming out that says, "We may not be No. 1, but we are leading the market when it comes to No. 2"

Hey...I said I was trying to be more's a process.