Phoenix Anchor Now in Indianapolis

On August 9th, FTVLive FIRST reported that KPHO Morning Anchor Carlos Diaz was gone from the station. 

"He had 90-days left on his deal - they told him to leave now," says one high placed source to FTVLive at the time. 

And although FTVLive reported that Diaz is no longer at the station, KPHO has not made mention of the fact that Diaz no longer works there. 

In fact, they still have his bio listed on the station's website (of course, watch for that to be pulled after they read this story).

Maybe, KPHO thinks that Diaz still is working for them. If that's true, they might be surprised to learn that he has accepted a job 1,698 miles away in Indianapolis. 

According to Diaz's Facebook, he is now working at WTHR in Indiana. 

Maybe now, the station can get around to telling viewers he left and take his bio down off the website.

You know, unless KPHO is going to start an Indianapolis bureau.