Sean Hannity Admits to Advising Donald Trump

While Corey Lewandowski is getting paid by both CNN and Donald Trump, Fox News has their own Trump advisor on the payroll. 

Fox News host Sean Hannity admits that he is advising Donald Trump. “Do I talk to my friend who I’ve known for years and speak my mind? I can’t not speak my mind,’’ Hannity told the NY Times.

“I don’t say anything privately that I don’t say publicly.’’ And, he acknowledged, it’s unclear how far his advice goes with Trump, given that “nobody controls him.”

Fox News does not seem to have a problem with Hannity advising Trump, nor do they have a problem with him spouting lies about Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton. 

The Times writes that Hannity, has lent his prime-time platform to wild, unsubstantiated accusations that Hillary Clinton is hiding severe health problems. He showed a video of a supposed possible seizure that was in fact a comical gesture Clinton was making to reporters, as one of them, The Associated Press’s Lisa Lerer, reported. He also shared a report from the conservative site The Gateway Pundit that a member of Clinton’s security detail appeared to be carrying a diazepam syringe, “for patients who experience recurrent seizures.”

A simple call to the Secret Service spokeswoman Nicole Mainor, as I made on Friday, would have resulted in the answer that the “syringe” was actually a small flashlight.

Hannity says his support for Trump makes him “more honest” than mainstream reporters who hide their biases. 

So, while CNN has a Trump staffer on the payroll and Fox News has a Trump advisor hosting a show in primetime, where does a viewer turn to just get straight forward, unbiased news now-a-days?

Unfortunately, that place does not exist anymore.