CNN Center in Atlanta to be Sold?

When Jeff Zucker took over at CNN, he slowly moved most of CNN's operations to New York and the once proud CNN Center in Atlanta, is now pretty much a ghost town. 

Now, sources tell FTVLive that the CNN Center maybe soon having a "For Sale" sign place in front of it.

What employees are left in Atlanta will be moved to Turner's Tech Wood Campus. This is where the other networks are housed including Cartoon Network, TNT, Peachtree TV etc.

This is, ironically, where CNN started when it was launched by Ted Turner.

Our sources say that this will all happen before the 2019 Super Bowl as they want to develop that area to be more appealing to fans.

If the CNN Center is sold or rented out, it's a win for everyone. Turner gets more money and the NFL developers get more commercial usage of the area.

Word is that the goal is to move all editorial and technical operations to New York. Master control will remain in Atlanta as the other Turner Networks have kept their MCs there.

CNN International will shift to London. 

The area currently housing and other digital operations are temporarily being shifted to CNN's 5th Floor Newsroom. That area will then be rented out for commercial usage such as stores and cafes. 

Stay tuned.....