Down Goes Roger!

The only CEO that Fox News has ever had is out. The Roger Ailes era at Fox News is over.

After days of negotiations, Ailes "resigned" from Fox News and is being replaced by Rupert Murdoch for the time being. 

Ailes signed the network on the air in 1996, took the right leaning news channel to the top of the ratings and kept it there for years. 

In the end, he was brought down by sexual harassment allegations by former Anchor Gretchen Carlson. You wonder if Carlson's contract would have been renewed, would any of this have come out?

Carlson will be forever known as the giant killer. 

She took down the most powerful man in conservative media. 

It is likely no matter what happens the rest of the year and maybe the decade, this will be the biggest media story of them all. 

Now, the focus moves to the future of Fox News and what will happen. It is going to be some interesting times at FNC.

Stay tuned....