Are You Kidding Me?!

It looks like a small town newspaper Reporter is trying to use his column to pick up a local TV news Reporter. 

The newspaper, The Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, PA has a columnist named Michael Reich. Reich was witness to a high speed police chase in his small town. A driver being chased by police ended up crashing and Reich was witness to it all. 

He said that when he stopped by the crime scene, he saw WBRE (Wilkes-Barre) Reporter Andy Mehalshick at the scene covering the story. 

Reich writes, "A nice guy, but I didn't want to talk to him. I figured I would wait around to see who was there from NewsWatch 16 (WNEP), on the chance it could be one of their female reporters."

Move over Roger Ailes, this guy was using a crime scene to try and pick up women and then used his article to do the same. 

Reich went on to gush over WNEP Reporter Alicia Nieves. "A heavenly image appeared across the street in a bright red blazer and white skirt," Reich wrote.

Read his story and be instantly transported back to 1965, when objectifying women was the norm. It appears it still is in small town Pennsylvania.