Dropping a Bomb in a South Bend Newsroom

FTVLive created a shit storm (not the first time) in one South Bend newsroom. 

Yesterday, we reported that Sinclair is acquiring WSJV in South Bend, from Quincy Media. We talked about how layoffs will happen at the station as Sinclair combines the news operations with WSBT, which they already own in the market. 

FTVLive buried the lead on the story. We had heard last week that Sinclair was acquiring WSJV and we thought it was somewhat common knowledge. It was not and Sinclair and Quincy were trying to keep the deal hush hush. Oops!

People inside WSJV had no clue that their station was heading to Sinclair and it was shocker for them to read it on FTVLive.

Staffers at Quincy Media were shocked to learn that for the first time ever, Quincy was selling a station that they owned. 

FTVLive's story was passed on from person to person in South Bend and at the Quincy Media stations. 

It seems that the two companies were keeping their employees in the dark on the deal and FTVLive exposed the entire thing. 

Our bad.