Hmmmmm....What's Up with That?

During the slow summer TV season, networks like to throw their O&O's a bone every now and then.

CBS is doing this with "The Talk" next month. 

The network is bringing in CBS O&O Anchors and letting them co-host "The Talk" one week in July.

The line-up of O&O Anchors is scheduled:

Monday, July 11: Kristine Johnson, WCBS, New York
Tuesday, July 12: Elizabeth Cook, KPIX, San Francisco
Wednesday, July 13: Lisa Hughes, WBZ, Boston
Thursday, July 14: Kaley O’Kelley, KTVT, Dallas-Fort Worth
Friday, July 15: Ukee Washington, KYW, Philadelphia

But there's one glaring omission to this line-up. Noticeably absent was anyone from the local LA duopoly KCBS/KCAL.

This is strange because they're all on the same lot. It wouldn't cost a dime to bring the Anchor in and have them host. Some say it's because of a simmering feud between Julie Chen and KCBS anchor Pat Harvey. (Harvey is friends with departed "Talk" host Holly Robinson Peete.) Others say it's a shot across the bow to KCBS/KCAL GM Steve Mauldin, who has sunk the ratings deeper than ever.

Either way, KCBS is the odd station out on a show that is produced next door. 

Not that we want to stir the pot, but it sure seems like someone is trying to send a message.