Nexstar Reporter: Hillary is So Corrupt (Update)

Back in the day (God, I feel old when I say that) Reporters stayed objective and never would talk about their personal political beliefs. 

That is not the case anymore, this is the day of all about me TV. But, you would think that station ownership groups would tell their staff at least not let their bias show on air and on their social media accounts.

WTVO's (Rockford) Tyler Sebree is the Weekend Weather Anchor and the Weekday Reporter. Today Tyler decided to send out a Tweet:

Tweeting that out on your station branded account seems like a big no, no. But, maybe Nexstar has no problem with their staff showing their bias.

It's a different day and time in TV news, but I still miss the old days.

Yes, I'm getting old.

Update: After FTVLive posted the story, Sebree deleted the tweet. No comment, no explanation.