Local Stations Direct Anger at Cable Nets

FTVLive spoke to a few managers at local TV stations and they are not too happy with the cable news networks.

In fact, they feel the cable nets will end up costing them thousands of dollars this year.


Because, now that it looks like Donald Trump, who ate a taco bowl yesterday that was the same color as him, will be the GOP candidate for President in November, the potential for ad dollars to local stations is very weak.

"Trump's not going to buy ads on local TV, he can go on CNN whenever he wants and talk for as long as he wants, " said one News Director at an NBC station. 

Stations were counting on a huge financial windfall from the November elections, but that could be greatly decreased with Trump on the ticket. 

Trump has received billions of free ad time and most of it has come from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. The Trump campaign bought few ads in the primaries and that is expected to cary over to the general. 

"The cable stations have sold out to Trump and that is going to have an impact on us," said a GM at a mid market station. 

Not only is Trump not spending the ad dollars with the media, he calls them "the worst" and "horrible people."

Yet CNN and the others will be at his beckon call when ever he needs them and it is going to hurt local TV stations in the end. 

Stay tuned....