Phoenix News Director Leaving

Back a long, long time ago, I started working as an Intern and a Stringer at WKBW in Buffalo. This was back in the days when the station was a powerhouse and one of the top rated in the country. 

I started shooting car accidents and fires for the station and it was my path into TV news. In those days, there was a guy on the assignment desk that would run the crews and keep the chaos  in check. 

The guy was high strung, but he was damn good at what he did.

His name was Mark Casey. 

Casey left WKBW, long before the station was wrecked by Granite Broadcasting and moved onto other jobs. He worked his way up the ranks to News Director and then landed in Phoenix as the ND and was also bumped up to Station Manager.

Casey has been at KPNX for years, but now he is going leave. Another of those taking the Tegna buyout and moving on. 

Word is that he is staying at the station until June and then leaving.  In the meantime, the search continues for a ND at KPNX. 

You know you're getting old, when the guys you started with are now taking buyouts.