Crossing the Street in Cleveland

FTVLive FIRST told you back in September that WOIO in Cleveland was knocking Chief Meteorologist Jeff Tanchak down the food chain. 

Now we know who will replace him. 

Word is that WEWS Meteorologist Jason Nicholas is crossing the street to WOIO.

WEWS has already yanked Nicolas bio from the station's website and WEWS GM Steve Weinstein confirmed he's gone from the station. "We made an offer to keep him because he has been here for 10 years," Weinstein said. "But it was his decision to take an offer from a competing station. And we wish him the best of luck."

WOIO has yet to announce that Nicholas is headed to their station and Nicholas' agent Rick Ramage could not be reached for comment. 

But several sources tell FTVLive that Nicholas is headed to WOIO as the stations Chief Met. 

Nicolas also hosted "Academic Challenge" on WEWS and even though he won't be reporting to work at the station, episodes of Academic Challenge have been taped and will air through June.

Sources at WEWS tell FTVLive that Nicolas has been told he has worked his last day on air in a live capacity. 

H/T Cleveland Plain Dealer