Oregon Weatherman Kills Himself After Asking for Help

Working your first job, in a small market, making next to nothing and not knowing anyone can be tough. 

I took my first job in Tulsa, I was offered the job over the phone, accepted and loaded up a Uhaul and drove to Oklahoma. At that point in my life, I had never been west of the Mississippi. 

My first apartment was small, the money was tight and finding the time to meet anyone outside of work was next to impossible.

It seems that KTVZ (Bend, Or) Russell Bird was dealing with some of the same things and so much more. He posted to a group of fellow Weather Anchors on Facebook that he was looking for some advice:

Many Meteorologists offered up advice, including WQAD (Quad Cities) Weatherman Eric Sorensen.

Sorensen talked about when he is working in Tyler, Texas and lonely and found a friend with four legs:

Despite Soresen's excellent advice, or the advice of others, Russell Bird, just 27 years old, could not take it anymore and killed himself. 

KTVZ reported the news on Bird's death to viewers.

This business can have some of the highest highs, but also some of the lowest lows. If you get to that low point, reach out, ask for help and remember a high is just around the corner. 

Also, take Eric Sorensen's advice and get a pet. I can tell you for a fact, pets have gotten me through some very low times in my life.

But, whatever you do, just ask for help! Everyone needs some help now and then, so don't be afraid to ask.