Erica Hill's Replacement on NBC's Today Show

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that NBC was pulling Erica Hill off of the Weekend Today Show and reassigning her. 

Now, NBC sources are telling FTVLive who will be replacing Hill on Today. 

Insiders say that NBC will soon name former Bloomberg Anchor Stephanie Ruhle as Hill's replacement.  Ruhle was the Anchor of Bloomberg TV's morning show "Bloomberg <GO>" before she was hired at NBC earlier this month. 

NBC announced that Rule was hired to Anchor a daytime show on MSNBC, but sources tell FTVLive the network suits have bigger plans for Ruhle at the Peacock.

We hear that NBC is giving it enough time to make it appear that Ruhle didn't kick Hill to the side and then they will name her to Today.

Stay tuned....