Ummmmm No

It happens more often than it should. TV people get fooled by fake news stories posted to parody websites.

WPLG (Miami) Anchor Kristi Krueger was one of the latest newsies to get sucked into a fake story.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.14.50 AM.png

Krueger posted a story to her social media, reporting that actor Matt Damon is moving to Miami suburb of Pembroke Pines.

If Damon was going to move to South Florida, you can bet he would be more on a South Beach kind of guy and surely would be a lot closer to the ocean than Pembroke Pines.

Krueger posted the story from which is a parody website.

Luckily, Krueger never reported the story on air. 

Still it has to be a bit embarrassing for the longtime Anchor.  

H/T Gossip Extra