Ax Swings at Motown Fox O&O

Sources tell FTVLive that all the Fox O&O's are looking to bring down the headcount. We hear that the stations will be trimming people as they trim the budget.

It appears that is already happening at WJBK in Detroit.

Word is that longtime Anchor Murray Feldman has been told that his deal will not be renewed and he will be gone from the station in May. 

Sources also tell FTVLive that two other on air staffers have been told they are done when their deal comes up. We also hear a couple behind the scenes people are being kicked to the cub as well. 

Feldman joined the station in 1976 (let that sink in a bit) and has been on the air longer than anyone else in Detroit Television.

Currently he anchors the 5:30PM newscast.

FTVLive will have much more on the Fox O&O';s and the proposed cuts very soon.

Stay tuned....