Wendy Bell You Pissed off half of Pittsburgh, what's next?

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you about WTAE (Pittsburgh) Anchor Wendy Bell's racist Facebook post that, she edited and edited, deleted and then apologized for.  

The fact that Bell could not figure out that her post smacked of racism, should be very disturbing to the Hearst owned station. 

Sadly, it took the station days to make any comment on the matter.  

Bell was not on the air for yesterday's newscasts, but it had nothing to do with the social media post. Sources tell FTVLive that Bell is with her family in Disney World.

I can see the Disney promo now, "Wendy Bell you pissed off half of Pittsburgh with your Facebook post, what are you going to do next?"


This is also not the first time that Bell has had to apologize for insensitive remarks.  

Back in May 2010, Bell apologized after making a joke about her black co-anchor and sunscreen. Here is the video of what she said: 

After a number of viewers complained, once again Bell said she was sorry. This is what she posted to the WTAE website, after that incident, ""The other night, I made an off-the-cuff comment to my co-anchor, Andrew Stockey, after one of our news stories. The words I said didn't come out the right way, and as such, offended some of you, which leaves me deeply troubled. I would never want to offend ANYONE, as my words clearly did. I hope you will accept my sincere apology."

The apology sounds very much like the one she made this week after her Facebook post. 

Insiders say that the station has protected Bell in the past, but are not so sure they can this time. "The bosses at Hearst have to step up and do something this time," said one WTAE insider.

In the meantime Bell is kicking back in Disney World and enjoying the Florida sun. We would tell her to head over to Fantasy Land, but in Wendy Bell's world, that's where she lives all the time.