Former St. Louis Reporter Hires His Former Competitor

KMOV Investigative Reporter Craig Cheatham left the station to become the Assistant News Director at KSTP in Minneapolis.

After getting his feet planted in the Twin Cities, Cheatham told his bosses about a woman that they should hire back in St. Louis.

The woman is Farrah Fazal, and she was the Investigative Reporter across the street at KSDK. In other words Cheatham hired the Reporter that he competed directly against everyday. 

Talk about a compliment.

As for Fazal, she is excited to be making the move north and excited that KSTP has real news crews and not MMJ's. 

"They certainly seem committed here to becoming an investigative force" in television reporting, Fazal said, adding the station does not use "backpack" journalists — the cost-saving practice of having a reporter also shoot the report's video footage.

"They're intensely focused here on using two-person teams," she said.

That alone is almost worth the move to the frozen tundra. 

H/T St. Louis Post Disptach