Trump to Blow Off Another Fox News Debate

As President, Donald Trump says he will stare down and take on our enemies, yet he is still too scared to face Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly.

While Trump is more than happy to show up for debates on his personal network CNN, he's too chicken to go on Fox News debates. 

Trump says he will not show up for the next GOP debate, hosted by Fox News. "I'm making a major speech in front of a very important group of people," Trump used as his excuse.

Now that the orange guy has basically locked up the GOP nomination, he has no need for Fox News until the general election. 

Plus, when he has CNN and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough at his beckon call, there is no need for him to debate on Fox News. 

Interestingly enough, Trump announced that he would not attend the Fox News debate on Fox News.  Trump told the show Fox and Friends that he was blowing off the debate.

Too bad FNC doesn't have the balls to ban Trump on their air, since he cancelled  on them.

CBS News is the only network that has stood up to Trump and does not let him dictate the rules.  Trump continues to play the rest of media for fools and they are just following right along.