Staffer Charged with Stealing from Ft. Smith Station

It looks like KFSM in Ft. Smith may soon have a job opening for VP of Technology, since the last one has been busted and charged with a felony.

Police say that Danny Bishop (mugshot to the right), KFSM's VP of Technology was arrested on a felony warrant after he was accused of stealing $32,000 from the company to support a gambling addiction.

Cops say that at the end of last year they were contacted by a station manager, who claimed Bishop used his corporate credit card to fraudulently purchase 26 Macintosh laptops from a Best Buy and then sold them on Craigslist for personal profit.

An audit of company receipts showed Bishop had bought the laptops in January 2015, but none of them had been put into service. They were suppose to replace older model computers at the company.

A Fort Smith police detective spoke with the station manager who had reported the theft. The manager told police the estimated loss was now $30,000. The detective was provided the card information and transactions.

The detective ran Bishop’s name through an information system and found that he had a history of pawning items. The pawn transactions occurred between January 2013 through Nov. 6. It was also revealed that Bishop had sold scrapped copper.

Additional items, also purchased with Bishop’s corporate credit card and believed to belong to the business, were also pawned by Bishop, including televisions and television camera switches, according to a police report.

Bishop had pawned “a large amount” of computers at several pawn shops in Fort Smith. Serial numbers were matched to those reported stolen and those pawned, the report states. Ultimately, detectives confirmed that the computers were purchased by Bishop using his corporate credit card, according to the report.

In all, $32,000 was found to be taken.

Word is that KFSM has all but ignored the story and has not reported on it.

Come on guys! This is sweeps!

H/T SW Times