Philly Station Finally Cuts Ties with Main Anchor

When WCAU in Philly placed main Anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah on leave, no expected her to return to the station.

The NBC O&O finally made official what everyone knew was going to happen. They announced that Chenault-Fattah is no longer part of the team.

"Renee Chenault-Fattah no longer works at NBC10," the station said in a statement. "She remains a friend and valued colleague to all of us. We are truly grateful for her many years of service to the station and our viewers."

The indictment casts her as a participant in a scheme to falsely report the sale of her 1989 Porche Carrera convertible to lobbyist Herbert Vederman for $18,000.

Chenault-Fattah and her husband used the money to help purchase a vacation home in the Poconos but kept the car, according to the indictment.

Chenault-Fattah, in a letter to NBC10 after the indictment, said she kept the car because Vederman had no place to keep it.

"I know this was a legitimate sale but this is not likely to go away anytime soon," Chenault-Fattah said in portions of the letter made public on NBC10's web site.

Her husband, now seeking a 12th term in the U.S. House while due to go on trial six days after the April 26 Democratic primary election, is charged with racketeering, bank fraud, bribery and money laundering in what prosecutors cast as a scheme to repay an illegal loan to his 2007 mayoral campaign.