Building a Bathroom for Robin Meade

While CNN International is laying off their International Desk, the company is this/close to spending $75K-$100K on a new bathroom for Robin Meade and her staff at HLN.

FTVLive has obtained emails between CNN Director Kimberley Chandler and Senior Vice President CNN Worldwide Jack Womack who discuss building a new bathroom in Studio 7.

"Please let Robin know this is on the capital spend agenda and we will get dates soonest," Womack writes to Chandler in an email.

It appears that Meade is also asking for a sink and bathroom in her office as well.

The two also discussed where Meade and her staff will move to in the building. It appears that CNN wants them to sit in, "the globe" area but Meade is not completely sold on that.

So, if you were wondering what the Senior Vice President CNN Worldwide does? Now you know.

No word on if the new bathroom will have a ribbon cutting ceremony or not.

Stay tuned...