When it came to reporting the last Powerball numbers, WFAA in Dallas had a bit of trouble with the numbers.

The station reported the numbers pulled for the $400+ million dollar jackpot, but made tiny mistake.

They got one of the numbers wrong, wait.... no.... they got all the numbers wrong.

Yep, on one of the biggest night's in Powerball history, WFAA preceded to not get a single number right (just like the ticket I bought).

Making matters worse, it wasn't until much later in the show, when the station finally gave the correct numbers.

“I want to apologize,” anchor Cynthia Izaguirre told viewers. “Our graphics system did not update the correct numbers at the top of the show. These are the correct ones.”

Izaguirre, the sole news anchor Wednesday night, read the right numbers off before saying, “I feel like Steve Harvey -- all of a sudden.

H/T Ed Bark