Chicago EP Tells Female Reporters to Ditch the Hats

As someone that used to live in Chicago, I can tell you first hand it gets damn cold in the Winter in the Windy City.

I remember one day in Chicago, with the wind chill the temperature was almost 90 degrees below zero.

That's cold!

So, when news crews head out into the city to brave the elements, they know to bundle up and do their best to stay warm.

But, Chicago EP and former News Director Dan Salamone wrote a memo from his warm and cozy office, telling female talent who report on the morning newscast, to not to wear hats during their outdoor live shots this winter.

Robert Feder writes that Salamone’s directive, which he did not issue to male reporters, said the women would “look a lot better without hats” and should go without them from now on.

He’d be willing to make an exception, he said, “if it’s 20 below.”

Wow! What a guy.

WFLD News Director Tom Doerr should make Salamone stand outside without a coat for a few hours, just so he can see how it feels.

This guy is giving new meaning to left out in the cold.