Station Feeds Staff Cold Burnt Pizza during Blizzard

When a storm is getting ready to hit an area, TV stations love to send a crew to the supermarket and get shots of people buying bread, water, milk and whatever else they need to ride out the storm.

Stations throughout the Northeast had crews working around the clock to bring viewers storm coverage. One of those stations was WJZ in Baltimore, who was praised for their coverage of the storm.

But, it appears that station management did not think ahead when it came to feeding the staff. While TV news loves to tell viewers to be prepared for the wicked weather, WJZ bosses did not practice what they preached.

Insiders at the station say that management did not prepare to feed the staff that was working around the clock. Station sources tell FTVLive that the staff was fed pizza on Friday night and then the leftover pizza was handed out to the staff again on Saturday night.

"it was pathetic," said one station insider to FTVLive. "The leftover pizza was black and disgusting by Saturday," the staffer said.

WJZ management basically told the staff they were sorry and it was all they had.

Other stations in the market were prepared and went out a purchased a number of food and drink options for the staff. Sources tell FTVLive that KYW, WJZ's sister CBS O&O fed the staff well and took care of them.

Staffers at WJZ said they didn't mind the long hours or sleeping at the station, but they wished that management would not have cheaped out so bad on the food.