NBC Boss: Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Have a Drinking Problem

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon doesn't have a drinking problem. At least according to NBC boss Bob Greenblatt.

Rumors of Fallon and booze have been around for some time. It seems, you rarely see the star without a bandage on one of his hands from some accident that he had.

At least, one bandage was the result of him falling down with a bottle of booze and cutting his hand.

“He’s good, he doesn’t have a drinking problem,” Greenblatt told reporters Wednesday at the Television Critics Press tour in Los Angeles.

“He goes out and has fun. He’s had some accidents. Aside from that, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been.”

The NY Daily News writes that while Greenblatt hasn’t spoken to Fallon about the incidents and his penchant for swilling booze and getting hurt, other NBC executives have.

“Always, we are worried about his safety. There’s been conversations about that. The stories are exaggerated about this.”

Fallon has also been frequently been spotted around town at various bars and clubs, sometimes even dispensing shots to revelers and knocking them back himself the paper writes.