Off the Anchor Desk in San Francisco

Longtime KGO Anchor Cheryl Jennings is leaving the anchor desk and taking off for “special projects,” especially assignments around the world.

Her role at “Beyond the Headlines” will continue, the name of that program changing to “Beyond the Headlines With Cheryl Jennings.”

KGO General Manager Bill Burton announced to change staffers on Tuesday afternoon.

Jennings has been at the station since 1979 says this was her choice. “It was my idea,” she says. “I have been thinking about where I want to take the next chapter of my life.” 

“I love my reporting,” said Jennings, citing for example, a recent trip to Afghanistan.  “Special projects are near and dear to my heart.  It is California connections that are changing the world, and I plan to focus a lot of my special projects.”

Burton said the new role is “perfectly suited for Cheryl,” who likes to travel.

“There is no one else like that here,”  he said.  Jennings will be filling “a new role that hasn’t existed.  We’re excited.  She is going to stay with us, but we’ll get this new prospective.”