Rebranding in Baton Rouge

It's the Fall season and the time of year when struggling stations have renewed hope that this will be the year they move up in the ratings.

Do you do that by hiring top notch Journalists and spending money on the new equipment?


You rebrand the station, change the graphics and music and hope the viewers come flocking to your newscasts.

Sources tell FTVLive that as of yesterday, WVLA in Baton Rouge has rebranded as "Local 33".

The station has a new set, new news and weather graphics, as well as a new theme.

The Nexstar station has been known for the past 20 years as NBC33 news…but now they are Local 33.

That alone should be worth a 6 point rating bump. 

The station says they also have hired some new Reporters and Anchors as well and have rebuilt the station from the ground up. 

News Director, Gary Wordlaw, says "We're very happy to be able to bring the people of Baton Rouge another voice in town that we hope they'll find very informative and entertaining."