There is Life After TV Flooring

So you all wonder if there is life after TV news?

One former Orlando Anchor has found a new gig..... in flooring.

Former WKMG Anchor Lauren Rowe is in a commercial for 50 Floor, a flooring company.

"I have not become a professional pitchman," Rowe said Thursday. "I do not see this as my future." But Rowe is very much on camera in the spot, shot Tuesday in Atlanta and her first name is being used as the promo code to save money on your next floor job. 

"These guys have a great story," she said. "They have used other news anchors around the country as spokespeople."

Rowe left WKMG in April 2014 after 13 years at the CBS affiliate. She said then that she and her family needed a fresh start. Last September, she filled in at  a local radio station and in October, she was the celebrity face of a campaign to extend a special property tax for Orange County schools.

As for 50 Floor, Rowe highlighted that the product is made in the United States and that the company sold her by bringing samples to her.

"They've been trying to get me to do this for a long time," she said. "I was a little reluctant at first. When I saw the people they used in other cities, I was more comfortable with the idea."

Will she do more commercials? "I don't know yet. I hadn't thought about it," she said.

Rowe said the commercial doesn't mean she has put journalism behind her.

"Absolutely, I'm still a journalist, but I'm also a serious communicator who wants to help thought leaders in this market do great things," she said. "Doing these commercials has freed me up financially to do other good works. I want to be in the community and make a difference."

Rowe said she had been working on projects she is passionate about, but she isn't ready to discuss them yet.

Maybe it's something to do with a roofing company.

Just saying....

H/T Orlando Sentinel