Don't Drink the Water at One Indianapolis Station

WISH in Indianapolis has a baby boom going on.

Daybreak Anchor Kylie Conway announced yesterday she is the third member of the Daybreak team to announce she’s expecting in recent months.

Nina Criscuolo, Lauren Lowrey and Kylie are each 11 weeks apart as far as their due dates are concerned.

“I was actually a month pregnant when Lauren made her on-air surprise announcement. I was in shock. I was so incredibly happy for her and at the same time I wanted to scream, ‘Me too!’ and give her a huge hug,” said Kylie.

About a week ago, Kylie pulled WISH personalities one by one into a room. They thought they were answering the question, “What is one big highlight of your life?” Instead, Kylie dropped the news and caught their candid reactions.

Longtime WISH Anchor Dave Barras had the most animated response.

“You’re (bleep) me!” he yelled.

WISH General Manager Les Vann said this is a first for him.

“It’s been 38 years I’ve been in television stations. I don’t remember three women in the building at the same time being pregnant, let alone three women on the same show. That’s why even I am drinking bottled water,” Vann said.