Longtime Chicago Weatherman is Dead

Back on July 27th, FTVLive told you that longtime Chicago Weatherman Harry Volkman has been hospitalized and was seriously ill.

Sadly, Volkman passed away yesterday. 

His career spanned more than 50 years at four Chicago stations.

Volkman was a popular, trusted and respected weather forecaster who brought wisdom, warmth and wit to the science of meteorology.

He also made history: In 1952 he was the first weatherman to issue a “tornado alert” during a live broadcast, prompting a change of government policy and saving many lives.

Volkman, who was 89, died Thursday surrounded by family at Oakton Pavillion nursing home in Des Plaines, according to his son, Eddie Volkman, the Chicago radio personality.

“It was a peaceful passing,” Eddie Volkman said. “Over the last several weeks, he said he was tired, he was ready, and he understood that he had lived longer than any of his older brothers, who all died before they were 80. He was very spiritual about it."

H/T Robert Feder