WGN to Cash in by Launching New 10PM Newscast

It an attempt to get more political ad dollars, Tribune's WGN is launching a new 10PM newscast starting October 5th. 

Of course the station does not admit that this is about political ad dollars, but any new newscast that is be launched at this point and time, you can bet that was a major consideration.

More money will be spent on political ads in the 2016 election than ever before.

Candidates love to buy spots during news and TV stations are adding newscasts to make sure they have more spots to sell. 

WGN's 10PM will be anchored by Mark Suppelsa and Micah Materre. The station says it will be fast-paced with the latest developments of the day.  Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling will be first at 10pm with a complete forecast for the viewing area.  

“Thirty-five years after launching the WGN News at Nine, news consumption has changed dramatically.  We know the appetite for news continues to grow,” commented Greg Easterly, President/GM of WGN-TV.  “This new, expanded half-hour will bring viewers all the news and weather you need to know before the night ends.  It’s just too important of a time period for us not to be there.”

“We are committed to delivering the successful 9pm newscast we’ve produced for decades,” commented Jennifer Lyons, WGN-TV News Director.  “This expansion offers us an opportunity to bring Chicago’s Very Own news team to a whole new audience at 10pm.”