Teen Tells Reporter He is Sorry for Kissing Her

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that while CTV (Canada) Reporter Megan Batchelor was going live from a music festival, a man ran up to Batchelor from behind, kissed her on the cheek and took a selfie with her before running away.

FTVLive reported that Batchelor filed a police report and now they are looking for the suspect and her network is asking anyone who can identify the man to contact the police.

Well, the kisser has stepped up and says that he's sorry. Batchelor said the 17-year-old contacted her on Twitter Monday and sounded sincerely regretful for what he did and that she accepted his apology.

According to the CBC, the teenager said he was trying to be funny but has come to realize it was wrong to kiss Batchelor without her consent while she was doing her job.

“It’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” Batchelor told the station. “I didn’t want anyone to lose their job or get a criminal record, I just want people to take a second and just think of the impact.”

Case closed.