Will CNN Disclose Reporter's Ties with Hillary Clinton?

CNN is all happy that they have landed the first sit down interview with Hillary Clinton. While this is big news in the cable universe, it is likely that viewers could care less.

FTVLive conducted a poll of 32 likely voters and asked what they thought about CNN landing the Clinton Interview and if they planned on watching.

Not one had any plans on watching the interview and most thought that Clinton has been interviewed a number of times before. Most were surprised to learn that this was Clinton's first cable interview.

So just how did CNN "get" Clinton? Well, it likely had little to do with Journalism and much more to do with "who you know."

Brianna Keilar, the CNN reporter set to interview Clinton was recently at the wedding of a Clinton campaign staffer.

Keilar attended the the wedding of Clinton's Director of Grassroots Engagement Adam Parkhomenko and Kirby Hoag, Clinton's Deputy Operations Director.

A picture from the wedding was posted to Twitter, Keilar is shown in the picture (second from the right). 

Will CNN disclose that fact to viewers before the Clinton interview takes place.

We'll just have to wait and see.

That is if anyone cares to watch.