We're Sorry


Two Network Reporters no longer face possible sanctions for violating media security rules at former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's arraignment last month in Chicago after their lawyers apologized at a closed-door meeting with a federal judge.

According to court orders posted online Thursday, U.S. District Chief Judge Ruben Castillo accepted the apologies and dismissed the contempt filings against Brian Ross, chief investigative correspondent for ABC News, and Gabe Gutierrez, an Atlanta-based reporter for NBC Nightly News.

Castillo showed video clips of both reporters' violating decorum rules at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse lobby during the media frenzy at Hastert's first court appearance.

After viewing the videos, attorneys for both reporters admitted the violations and apologized to Castillo, according to the filing. Attorneys for both reporters noted they had never before covered court appearances in Chicago's federal courthouse and were unaware of the rules prohibiting interviews anywhere other than in a roped-off media bullpen in the lobby, the filing said.

Castillo accepted the apologies and dismissed the rules to show cause why they shouldn't be held in contempt of court, according to the filing.

H/T Chicago Tribune