Pervert Weatherman Sentenced in Scam

Former WPTV Weather Anchor Rob Lopicola, who is serving 4 1/2 year sentence for having sex with underage boys, will have some more prison time when that sentence ends.

Lopicola pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in April in connection to a telemarketing scam, and was sentenced to 21 months in a federal prison and two years probation.

He won't start serving the federal time until after his sentence for sex with young boys is served.   He’s scheduled to be released from the state system in October 2016 on those charges. 

Lopicola was scamming people that were trying to sell their timeshares. He would promise them he had a buyer and make them cough over cash to have the deal go through. After they paid up, no buyer was presented and the seller was out the money. 

“The defendant was personally responsible for victimizing 77 people and defrauding those victims of an estimated 154,743.60,” Lopicola’s plea agreement reads.

This idiot should not be out of prison before 2018 and if you ask us that might be 20 years too short.

Just saying.... 

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