Could Former San Francisco Anchor Return?

Friends close to former longtime San Francisco Anchor Dana King are getting the word out that should good possibly looking to return to KPIX.

 King would "strongly"  consider coming back to the CBS O&O as a primary anchor "if the situation was right", sources told Rich Lieberman. 

It's been nearly three years since the veteran anchor left PIX --the reason, officially, was that she wanted to leave the TV News business and teach school and pursue her passion: the art of sculpture.

Lieberman. says the real reason was that King was tired and wanted to leave under her own terms and that she and news boss, Dan Rosenheim, didn't exactly see eye to eye. That's not such an unusual occurrence in the world of big-market TV News.

Since leaving King even pursued politics vying for a seat on the Oakland City Council. She lost. She is currently living in Oakland and maintains a low-key presence but, according to one source, still has a thirst for Television Journalism. 

Both sources cautioned that a return "would have to be 'where the stars align" --"Look, she misses the drive, the excitement--it's still in her blood, but whether or not they, (KPIX) have interest is another story."

Of course, bringing King back to KPIX as main Anchor would leave Veronica De La Cruz, under a solid contract, twisting in the wind. 

So while this seems like a former Anchor that left and and now wants back in, don't count on it happening.

But, as they say, stay tuned....