Phoenix station Ditches their Assignment Desk

Back in March, FTVLive FIRST told you that scripps was looking to change their TV newsrooms into a place where digital comes before TV.

We told you that some Scripps stations were looking to replace their News Director's with a "Digital Content Person." We said that KNXV would be the first station that would start implementing these changes and they have. 

Back in March KNXV hired Chris Kline as the new head of the newsroom to lead the station into the "digital first" age. 

Now, sources tell FTVLive that KNXV has done away with the Assignment Desk. It is now called the "Real Time Desk."

The Assignment Editor's job is gone. So is the Managing Editor's job, the Planning Editor and the Web Producer's job.

The "Real Time Desk" will be staffed by 10 Real Time Desk Editors and 1 Executive Producer, who will oversee the Real Time Desk.

Staff will now work on digital first and then work for TV. 

Should a TV station stop making TV their first priority? Is this the future of news? And what the hell is the Real Time Desk?

These are questions that we will hopefully see answered in the future. But yet the future is not real time....real time is now. So maybe we will never know.

Stay tuned....