Fuzzy Math?

WSOC (Charlotte) Research Director Robert Wendt made a very bold claim on social media.

Wendt claimed that during the month of May, WSOC 44,632,500 Comments on their Facebook page. He also claimed they got 224,790,500 Likes 60,820,500 Shares.

In May, WSOC posted 490 stories to Facebook, which means the station had to average 457,000 "likes" per post to reach the numbers that Wendt was claiming. 

Yesterday, FTVLive wrote a story about how screwed up ESPN is in giving their ESPY Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner and not Lauren Hill. That story got about 500 Likes on Facebook.

Clearly we are doing something wrong, or Robert Wendt is really bad a math.

The Twitterverse chimed in on WSOC's claim:

Wendt ran away from the social media chatter and turned his Twitter account to private. 

After getting 300 billion comments from his 435 followers that is.