NBC Moves Closer to Pulling the Plug on BriWi

There is no doubt that Brian Williams is not coming back to the Anchor chair at NBC Nightly News.

The only question left, is when will NBC make that news official?

NBC sources tell FTVLive that the network is expected to send out the word before the end of the month. 

Our source says that the network needs to start promoting Holt and they can't do that while he is not "officially" the Anchor.

Holt has held his own in the ratings and has done it with virtually no promotion from the network. 

"Lester Holt has demonstrated that the evening newscast is first and foremost a correspondent's medium, not an anchor's medium,"  Andrew Tyndall says. "The anchor's role is to string the newscast's various component packages together rather than to deliver actual reporting. As such, the anchor's identity is relatively unimportant, so not worth the turmoil of a controversial recall."

NBC has basically screwed up the BriLie saga from the jump and the network needs to step up, make a decision and let the viewers know that Holt is the guy.

It seems so simple and yet we're talking about NBC here. The network that has stumbled time and time again with talent issues (i.e Ann Curry, David Gregory).

But now, Andy Lack is running the News Division and it was Lack that oversaw the seamless handoff from Tom Brokaw to Brian Williams. Lack has a much better handle of how to do this and word is he is very close to pulling the trigger.

Stay tuned.....