FIRST ON FTVLive! New GM Named in Philly (Updated)

Sources tell FTVLive that a meeting has been called at WCAU for 3PM.

FTVLive hears that the station will announce that WVIT GM Ric Harris will be named the new GM of the Philly station. 

Harris has been the GM of WVIT for  the past two years after being bumped up from the sales ranks at the station.

Stay tuned......

Updated: FTVLive told you it was going to happen! 

While other sites wait for the press release, FTVLive is breaking the stories before they even happen.

FTVLive first told you that WVIT (Hartford) GM was going to be bumped up the NBC food chain to the GM job at WCAU in Philly.  

Exactly as FTVLive reported, that is what happened.

“Ric Harris is a strong leader with proven experience and a passion for delivering viewers what they are looking for,” said president of NBC Owned Television Stations Valari Staab. “WCAU and WWSI have grown tremendously over the last several years, and I am confident that Ric will drive their continued success.”

FTVLive continues to break the stories FIRST!