Sweeping up in Jacksonville

You may remember that Cox blew up their Anchor team at WJAX in Jacksonville. The station basically fired or reassigned every one of their Anchors.

If you look at the numbers for the May book, the move seemed to be a smart one for the evening newscasts, not so much at 11PM.

Independent WJXT continues to be the 800 pound gorilla of the market. The station handily beats the others in the news numbers. But, in the evening newscast WJAX has moved up to number 2 at 5 and 5:30PM with WTLV coming in second at 6PM. 

“It really underscores all the changes we’ve made here in the past 12 months,” said General Manager Jim Zerwekh. “The viewers have come to like and accept and appreciate the changes we made." 

At 11PM it's a different story. WJAX is down 25% and WTLV is up almost 23% in late news. Again, WJXT is on top of the heap. 

WJAX is happy to see that their Anchor blow up did not blow up in their face. Viewers seem to be catching on an liking the stations new look. But, the drop in late news numbers has to be a concern. 

H/T Jacksonville Business Journal