New Weather Anchor Hired in San Diego

SoCal's XETV has a new Weather Anchor.

Former KRON Chief Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett is joining the San Diego station. Bennett left the San Francisco station back in January to be with her husband who is a Navy pilot of F-18 fighters, and stationed at the China Lake Naval Air Station.

Now she is getting back in the TV game at XETV.

Here is the internal memo, obtained by FTVLive from News Director Don Shafer: 

From: Don Shafer 
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2015 3:13 PM
To: News Department
Cc: Department Heads; 
Subject: New Team Member

Hi folks,

I am very happy today to announce we have hired a new Meteorologist for our morning newscasts.

Jacqueline Bennett has been the Chief Meteorologist at KRON in San Francisco since November of 2008.

She left in January after seven years to be with her husband who is a Navy pilot of F-18 fighters, and stationed at the China Lake Naval Air Station.

I understand her husband Matt has deployed to Afghanistan more than once and is also skilled in carrier landings.

Jacqueline has quite an education.

She has two B.A. Degrees, one in Journalism and one in Spanish Language and Culture, both  from California State University Northridge and a B.S. in Atmospheric Science with a concentration in Meteorology from San Francisco State University.

She also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, along the way.

She has her new CBN Seal from the American Meteorological Society .

As I understand it, this Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal replaces or updates the older AMS or NWS seal and is a great achievement to have either of these seals of recognition.

Both Sabrina and Renee have their AMS seals.

Prior to joining KRON, Jacqueline was a weather and news anchor, a reporter and weekend news/weather anchor at KIVI-TV in Boise, Idaho.

She also taught Spanish for two years at Chaminade College Prep (High School) in West Hills, California.

Jacqueline is also very involved with animals and animal groups outside her work life.

For several years she has published the “Yellow Dog Blog” (one of her 3 dogs is named Yellow Dog) and she does a lot working with dog adoption groups, animal health and safety and works with several pet food manufacturers, some of which are based here in San Diego.

Jacqueline is a veteran meteorologist and weather anchor and will fit in very well with Marc and Heather and the rest of our morning team.

She will start training with Renee on Monday.

Speaking of Renee, our deepest thanks to Renee for filling in these past couple of weeks and doing an excellent job as she always does anywhere we are fortunate to put her to help out.

Jacqueline is well-trained on the Weather Central weather system so we’ll have to see how long it will take her to be up to speed on our WSI system. 

And she will need to be trained on the Metro Traffic reporting system, a key part of our morning weather and traffic reports.

So Jacqueline will work with Renee and Sabrina to get trained on our systems and we’ll have her trained ready to go on-air when she feels she’s ready.

So please help me welcome Jacqueline to our team.

And thanks again to Renee for helping out and helping to train Jacqueline.