Tax Day Reporting Advice from FTVLive

Today is the day that many Reporters will do their single most boring story of the year.

Their assignment will be to do a story on last minute tax filers. I'm not sure how this is even news, but I will bet you a buck that your station is covering this story.

Stations will run to the nearest H&R Block office and talk to people as they get their taxes done. Reporters will talk to the boring person at H&R Block that prepares the taxes.

Of course you will get the very hard hitting question, "Why did you wait until Today to file your taxes?" The person will answer the same way they always do, "because I owe and I didn't want to pay the IRS until I had to."

It's an obvious answer to a stupid question, but it will be included in 90% of the tax day stories that air on local news.

So, the headline of this story is "Tax Day Reporting Advice" and we haven't given you any advice yet.

So here it is.

If you are sent down to the post office for the newscast to go live from a mailbox where people are dropping off their taxes.... your contract is not getting renewed.

Start updating your resume and call your Agent, you'll be needing a new job soon.

And remember, your Agent is a tax write off.

Your welcome.