Brokaw Talks about BriLie's Future at the Peacock

Former Nightly News Anchor Tom Brokaw came out and talked extensively about future former NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams.

It's a "really, really serious case," Said Brokaw about Williams lies.

"There's a process underway," Brokaw said "And the important thing is that the process is very carefully constructed, and we owe it to everybody -- including Brian and his family and certainly the people who work at NBC News who risk their lives everyday, and to the integrity of what NBC News has stood for all these years -- to let the process play out, to hear what the final conclusions are and then deal with it at that point." 

Williams himself thinks that Brokaw is not on his side and is making sure that when the "process" is done, BriWi will be an NBC Anchor no more. 

When asked about his relationship with Williams, Brokaw described the relationship as "cordial" in the past tense. 

"There's been way too much speculation about it," Brokaw said, adding, "I want to say two things. One is that Brian and I had a cordial relationship. You know, it was tricky because he succeeded me and I had my own strong feelings about how things should be done, but I never interfered with it. And I would make suggestions from time to time." 

"Having said all of that, this is a really, really serious case, obviously," Brokaw said. He also called it "a very, very difficult time" for NBC and the people involved.

In other words, BriWi ain't coming back to the anchor chair if Brokaw gets what he wants.

Just saying....