BriWi Pitched CBS to Replace Letterman

Brian Williams was suspended from NBC News for lying and one of his biggest lies was the one he told to David Letterman on CBS.

Williams told Letterman about his scary experience of being shot down in a helicopter in Iraq. Problem was the story was made up and it helped get Williams suspended (and maybe fired) from NBC News.

Now, after BriWi CBS Late Show story is surfacing and it is a doozy.

Word is that before his career spiraled into a punch line, NBC’s Lyin’ Brian pitched himself to CBS as a replacement for David Letterman. 

New York magazine reported unday that CBS chief Les Moonves declined Williams’ proposal befo tabbing Comedy Central political satirist Stephen Colber, the magazine say.

While Williams’ embarrassing admission that he embellished war stories brought a dark cloud to NBC, it was only the latest in a string of catastrophes to have shaken up the once respected 30 Rock news divisio, New York report.

NBC News president Deborah Turness has been so disturbed by the descent of venerable “Meet The Press,” she’s given thought to off-the-wal, even radica ideas to revive it.

She’s wondered out loud about booking more politically active celebrities like Angelina Jolie, using a live studio audience and having musi — such as blasting the ’80s ska grou The Special’ “Free Nelson Mandela” had th Sunday morning talk show ever scored an interview with the late South African icon.

The show has been in freefall ever since the unexpected death of beloved “MTP” host Tim Russert in 2008.

Chuck Todd eventually took over for David Gregory this past summer, prompting it of gallows humor from Williams, who still has Tom Brokaw lurking in his shadow.

“At least your ghost is dead. Mine is still walking in the building,” Williams told Todd, resumably referring to Russert, who died of a heart attack at age 58, ccording to New York magazine.

If NBC let's Brian Williams come back, then are are even more stupid than anyone can imagine.

Just saying....

H/T Page Six