Phoenix Reporter Off The Air to Try and Save Her Mother's Life

KPHO Anchor/Reporter Rebecca Thomas is going to be off air for the next 5 weeks or so, but for a very good reason.

Thomas is taking a leave of absence to try and help save her mother's life. On Tuesday, Thomas will have surgery to have one of her kidney's removed and donated to her mother.

Thomas says that her 62 year old mom is healthly, except that her kidney function has plummeted to 11-percent.

Thomas says her mom has an autoimmune disorder called Lupus (she has been in remission for 25-years) and it attacked her kidneys when she was in 20's - with severe scarring that reduced her kidney function and over the past 30 years she kidney's have declined to the point they have almost quit functioning. 

Thomas was tested and is "a match" for mom and is do thankful that she is. 

"I am very nervous about undergoing major surgery. But, the thought of losing my beautiful mother --prematurely -- is far more terrifying," she says.

Our thoughts go out to Rebecca Thomas and her mother and we hope and pray that all goes well.

Thomas is expected back on the air in April.